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How do you like your coffee?

Believing I will be without trouble having and piece for some days was false. After writing my blog entry yesterday I got to my hotel and the owner and three other men were discussing with me on Amharic. My friend tried to defend me, because they were just asking me for money because I am European. They started shouting for 30 minutes. It was hell because I didn’t understand at all what their problem was. In the end my friend advised me to leaf this place. The man just stopped the discussion by switching on the television with volume 10. I was so angry that I could not fall a sleep. So today I moved the third time. Instead of upgrading, each time my room gets less comfortable. Now I even don’t have running water and my bathroom size is less than 2 square meters. At least they seem to be nice owners in the new place. When I sit on the toilet my feet are in the shower, but as there is no running water from the tube I don’t even have to be afraid to get wet hahah. However no matter what my private life is like I have to go to the field every morning at 6.30 am. Sometime I would like to start screaming, but there won’t be any one understanding me so I keep quiet. To end my story for today something funny: I was invited by farmers for having a coffee. And I was so happy for the invitation so I took the cup and started drinking while everybody (12 family members) were observing if I like it. After one second the taste was awful: It was coffee with super much salt, but regarding their culture I have to receive the invitation thankful and say I like it. That is what I did, just trying to smile at them and saying it has such a nice taste. My interpreter told me it’s normal in their culture to have salty coffee.

6.6.13 17:50

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