Anique discovers Ethiopia

Update of the last days

Just to show you that I am still alive: here a picture of mine above the forest of Wondo Genet. After a hard week and lots of headache I canceled work last Friday and went on holiday for 2 days to meet some friends from Addis. We had several days of no internet connection in whole Dilla town, that is why I wasn't able to post news. Today I will change accommodation again. This time I went to the catholic mission Don Bosco and asked Father Roberto to give me a safe and quiet home. Luckily I can move there today and the sister will welcome me. It is safe and quiet without Ethiopian man drinking in front of my room. I am exited for this new experience! Anyway my translator canceled work for today spontaneously (you can imagine what we Europeans think about this behavior) so I am free even though I would be happy to work. So my best option is to get a coffee and relax.

12.6.13 11:47

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