Anique discovers Ethiopia

Living with the sisters

Since yesterday I got a new home in the catholic mission in Dilla. It is a very secure place with a school for 1000 children and a big garden. No one else will be allowed to enter this compound I live in. My room has a desk , hot running water and sometimes WIFi connection. The sisters are so welcoming and serve me food in the evening. Believe me they have everything you dream of as a lost European in Ethiopia such as cheese and even peanut butter. Yesterday they invited me for dinner and after praying I filled my plate full of Indian chapatis and Russian food that they made have been thinking I suffered hunger for weeks . The polish sister already told me she has Sauerkraut! Maybe one day I will make them a German cake for them. Today again my translator canceled work unprofessional via message at 3 am in the morning but since I got the new home I am so happy to stay and enjoy the quiet scenery.

13.6.13 08:51

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