Anique discovers Ethiopia

It´s coming to an end!

Yesterday at 11.30 am I finished my 50th and last interview with a young woman. By the way: 3 days before finishing I got so annoyed of my translator because again he disappeared and I enforced myself and fired him. That is why I had to search a new one just for the view last interviews. I am very happy that finally I managed all problems. Yesterday I had a nice welfare evening with my Ethiopian friends with lots of beer. For this weekend I will enjoy Ethiopia as a tourist in some Resort. Then it will be time to say Goodbye to my friends and to Professor Zebene. On Thursday night my flight goes back to the UK. In total I will have 9 weeks for writing up my whole dissertation. The beginning of September I will hand in the thesis and come back to Germany. So I hope to see you soon my beloved friends and family!

12.7.13 08:25

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