Anique discovers Ethiopia


It´s coming to an end!

Yesterday at 11.30 am I finished my 50th and last interview with a young woman. By the way: 3 days before finishing I got so annoyed of my transl... weiterlesen

Market Gassa Share


Hello my friends, As you have noticed I haven´t been able to write on my blog the last two weeks. Up to the end of my research I will have to focu... weiterlesen


Living with the sisters

Since yesterday I got a new home in the catholic mission in Dilla. It is a very secure place with a school for 1000 children and a big garden. No ... weiterlesen


Update of the last days

Just to show you that I am still alive: here a picture of mine above the forest of Wondo Genet. After a hard week and lots of headache I canceled w... weiterlesen